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What we believe and what we do.

Monte Vista Medical (MVM), is a Family Medicine(General) Practice with a patient-centered, holistic approach to providing quality health care for individuals and their families across all ages.

We promote healthy lifestyles and practice preventative medicine.

We also coordinate care for our patients with other health care providers as required.

By maintaining high standards of health care in the field of Family Medicine, MVM aims to become a leading provider of Primary Care of the highest caliber in keeping with evidence-based international best practice.

We believe in honest and open communication and the development of partnerships between ‘doctor and patient’.

At MVM, we provide quality care for the whole family!

Meet the Doctor

Dr. Maria Clapperton is a Specialist Family Physician who holds a doctorate in Family Medicine from the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Campus.

Her passion for Family Medicine has led her to reenergise and launch the Trinidad Chapter of the Caribbean College of Family Physicians (Chapter President 2018-2020), which is a member of WONCA (The World Organization of Family Doctors). This organization is well recognized by WHO. CCFP Trinidad promotes continued medical education and advocacy for family physicians and their patients

Dr. Clapperton is also the Founder of Monte Vista Medical (Est. 2017).

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