Written by : Dr Maria Clapperton
Primary Care Physician

Top Five (5) Reasons for Having Regular Check-Ups :

1) Prevention is better than cure
Do not wait until you feel sick to go to the doctor! It is good to go to your doctor for
a check-up when you are well, to ensure that everything is alright. At these visits or
“Wellness Checks” your doctor can either reassure you that you are on the right path
and encourage you to keep up the good work or advise you on certain lifestyle
changes that you can make in order to get you back on the path to healthy living.
This can help to keep you healthy and prevent you from developing certain chronic
illnesses such as Type 2 Diabetes which is preventable!

2) Regular check-ups – Help to identify diseases early
Early detection of an illness for example cancer, gives you more time to evaluate and
treat the condition. With early detection and treatment, your chances of survival are
increased significantly. Do not wait until it becomes too late to visit your doctor.
Schedule an appointment today!

3) Save time and money – avoid costly hospital admissions
Having regular check-ups can help to keep you out of hospital. Being admitted to
hospital is not only expensive but is also time consuming. The time that you would
have to be away from work while receiving treatment in hospital may even affect
your monthly income. Visiting your doctor regularly for a check-up, having your
blood pressure and blood sugar tested, is far more convenient and cost effective
than having to seek treatment for a heart attack or a stroke.

4) Keep you healthy
Making an annual check-up part of your routine, can not only help you to become
healthy but can also keep you healthy. In the same way we make time to repair and
maintain our homes, environment and our cars, why not make time to maintain our
bodies and stay healthy? Having annual check-ups is part of your general health

5) Save your life
Prevention and early detection of diseases can save your life. Maintaining a healthy
lifestyle and improving your quality of life helps you to not only live better but may
even help you to live longer.

Feel free to visit your nearest local health center or family doctor to have
your check up today!